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100 Men Who Care

Bring together 100+ men from the Quinte region who care about local community causes,
and are committed to community service

To collect and give away $10,000+ each quarter to allow the selected charity to do something of significant impact
that could not otherwise have been done without the support of “100 Men Who Care Quinte“.

100 Men Who Care Quinte” is a non-organization! It is informal, unregistered and it has no board, no chair, no treasurer, no bank account, no revenue and no expenditures. If it isn’t free, donated or sponsored, we don’t do it. If we need something, we ask our members and/or community and it happens.  It is based on the concept of simplicity – minimum input and maximum impact. There are many other ‘100 Men or Women Who Care’ groups across Canada (e.g. Kingston, Edmonton, Halifax, etc.).  We have embraced the concept of their organizations and implemented a group for the Quinte Region that spans an area from Brighton in the west, to Napanee in the East, to Madoc in the north and to Belleville in the south. 


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WANTED 100 MEN WHO CARE HOW IT WORKS Commit to donating $100 at each of four yearly meetings. At the meeting, vote on the charity you would like to support. Make out your $100 cheque to the ch... more ››

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